Flexible in all circumstances

Titanium is 20% softer than other materials used for glasses, which makes titanium frames ultra-flexible. Bendable and twistable in all directions without breaking, they return to their original shape as soon as they are released.

This advantage increases the feeling of comfort and reduces the risk of deformation, which comes in handy when you wear glasses all day long.



Resistant to all tests

Because titanium is 20% more resistant than other metals, titanium frames have a longer lifespan. This amazing metal survives shocks far better than its competitors, making it a perfect ally for athletes, as well as for anybody that has a tendency of dropping their glasses or sitting on them accidentally (it happens to the best of us!).
The inalterable quality of titanium also offers excellent resistance to any kind of environment you might find yourself in, particularly to everyday aggressions such as humidity, chlorine and sea salt.



Light as a feather

Titanium is 80% lighter than other metals, which makes it possible to produce ultra-fine, lightweight frames that are much more comfortable to wear. As a matter of fact, most Atelier Vingt-Deux® sunglasses weigh less than 20 grams, lenses included! They are so much lighter than most other glasses that our wearers frequently report not even noticing that they have them on. More so, they leave no marks on the skin when removed and adjust comfortably to the temples. 
As many glass-wearers will corroborate, the lightness of our frames is a significant advantage. Sunglasses that are too heavy are proven to cause headaches and not having to be confronted to them is, quite obviously, a considerable increase in comfort. 



Technical, elegant and timeless

Originally used in aeronautics and aerospace and later in the automobile and medical sector, titanium made its appearance in the eyewear industry in the early 1980's. An elegant and timeless metal, frames built from titanium are able to offer a wide range of shapes and are available in a variety of shades. 
Finally, titanium is a hypoallergenic material, which makes it suitable for anyone allergic to other materials often used in sunglasses, particularly nickel.