Carl Zeiss Vision : high-performance lenses

To ensure optimal viewing comfort in the sun and outdoors, as well as complete protection against UV rays, Atelier Vingt-Deux sunglasses are equipped with titanium frames, and high-performance sun lenses certified by ZeissⓇ.
This German brand offers unique expertise, based on more than 160 years of experience and continuous innovation in many optical fields.
All Carl ZeissⓇ Vision sunglasses benefit from UVProtect technology, which provides maximum eye protection, filtering up to 100% of UVA and UVB rays.

The lenses are coated also with a high-end anti-reflective coating that meets the highest quality standards.
This offers many advantages :
  • it hardens the surface of the glass, making it three times more scratch-resistant,
  • it reduces light reflections on the surface,
  • it repels grime, making the glass easier to clean.

Such superior treatment ensures long-lasting visual comfort, exceptional clarity and extends the life of the lenses. In addition, to ensure maximum protection, Zeiss has developed an anti-reflective layer on the back of the lens, reducing indirect light reflected into the eye.

Our glasses meet your needs for all outdoor activities, and at the same time taking good care of your eyes. These glasses deliver efficiency with style, as they are available in attractive designs with eye-catching colours, and some also offer an aesthetic mirror treatment.

Good to know : the more sensitive your eyes are to light and the brighter the light is, the darker the shade of your sunglasses should be. Bright and degraded shades are ideal when the weather is cloudy or not very sunny.