High-tech titanium frames

Atelier Vingt-Deux frames are made of titanium, a material with surprising properties, an ideal medium for combining innovation with technology. Originally used in aeronautics and aerospace, then in the automobile and medical sector, titanium made its appearance in the eyewear industry in the early 1980s.


Why does titanium appeal to such different sectors?

First, because it has a density 40% lower than steel and a high resistance to fire and corrosion. In addition, its mechanical properties make it possible to shape thin, delicate parts, particularly in the sports and medical fields (prostheses, surgical tools).

These characteristics also convinced Atelier Vingt-Deux to design high-quality titanium alloy frames specially designed for the eyewear industry. Thanks to this exceptional material, Atelier Vingt-Deux eyewear stands out for its strength, lightness, comfort and refinement.


The glasses are resistant, withstand shocks more easily and have a longer lifetime than glasses made of other materials.


As light as a feather, thanks to the low density of titanium, they weigh no more than 20 grams. They leave no marks on the nose and, once they are on, they are immediately forgotten !
Because titanium is more elastic than other materials used for frames, it does not deform and allows the temples to remain flexible and soft, thus making it adaptable to all faces.

Elegant and timeless, titanium frames offer a wide range of shapes : minimalist to the more imposing, and they are available in a variety of colour shades.

But titanium has other very advantageous characteristics for glasses.
Its anti-corrosive properties make it resistant to perspiration, seawater and chlorine. All these assets have made it an ally of sportsmen, as well as the ideal material for hot and humid environments.
In addition, it is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for anyone allergic to other materials, particularly nickel.